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The Fly, hybridity, materiality, compared to Frankenstein, short answer sample questions, passage commentary examples, The Haunting of Hill House, claustrophobia, the past, family

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E 350
Ellen Brinks

6 MarchThe FlyHybridityhuman and fly Brundlefly and telepod organic and inorganic young and old flesh human body disintegrating fly body born Ronis fetus alive and dead uncontrolled unceasing metamorphosisMaterialitynecrosis of flesh body parts falling off hairs pusblood Brundles Museum of Natural History humanity in reversion or regression evolving backwards vomit new appetites for sex and food skin slimy splotchy body odor nervous twitchy movements diseased bodyCuriosityattraction plus horrorrevulsionDissolved egoidentity of the human subjectVia visceralbodily changedestructionSimilarities to FrankensteinScienceobsessed creator ambitious want to change the worldDomestic female love storyHybrid creaturehuman and otherCreation results in creators demiseStories told by othersvoyeuristic componentTechnology capable of reproducing without femaleSuperhuman strength of creatureOther is createdHorrifying to society cant be accommodatedScientist who cannot control effects of knowledgeDeserve pityMale centered male drivenDifferences to FrankensteinCreator is also creation
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