HIST 121 Midterm: Kveberg EATW ancient midterm review fall 18

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11 Dec 2019
Mid-term Exam Review sheet
Europe and the West: Ancient Kveberg Section
Part I: ID terms (50%)
Ten of the following terms will appear on the exam. You will choose FIVE and ONLY FIVE of these terms.
For each term that you select, provide a brief description and then explain the term’s historical
Sea Peoples
Minoan Palaces
Battle of Marathon
Egyptian Book of the Dead
Code of Hammurabi
Cyrus the Great
The Phalanx
Part II: Essay Questions (50%)
Three of the following questions will appear on the exam. You will select and answer ONE and ONLY
ONE of these questions. Your response will need to include both a concrete thesis and at least three
strong and specific supporting pieces of evidence.
1 How did the Bronze Age Collapse change the ancient world? Does this period represent a true
dividing line in history? Consider at least three concrete examples in formulating your answer.
2 Writing emerged as a technological innovation during the period that we have studied. How did the
written word shape social, cultural, and political life? Consider at least three concrete examples in your
3 What role did religion play in ancient societies? What factors shaped the nature and evolution of
religious beliefs in the eastern Mediterranean in the years before 200 or so BC?
3 Athens and Sparta fought together and defeated the mighty Persian Empire. Barely more than a
generation later, they were locked in an ugly and protracted war that ultimately wrecked Greece. Why?
What factors caused this abrupt shift? Consider at least three specific causes.
5 What did it mean to be a king in the ancient world? What were the most important defining features
of kingship? How did the role of kings differ from society to society? What accounts for these
differences? Make use of at least 3 specific examples.
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