HIST 121 Study Guide - Final Guide: Corpus Juris Civilis, Second Punic War, Pater Familias

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Published on 11 Dec 2019
Final Exam Review Sheet Europe and the West: Ancient Kveberg Sections Fall 18
The exam will consist of the following three sections:
Section one Identification (50 pts)
TEN of the following terms will appear on the exam. You will select and answer FIVE. For each of these
terms, provide both a capsule description and a discussion of the term’s historical significance.
Second Punic War
Twelve Tables
Roman Patriarchy/ Patria Potestas
City of God
Grachhi Brothers
3rd Century Crisis
Equestrian Order
Mystery Cults
Teutoborg Forest
Marcus Agrippa
Vibia Perpetua
Five Good Emperors
Nika Riots
St. Jerome
Council of Nicea
Walls of Theodosius
Vestal Virgins
Corpus Juris Civilis
Section two Essay (50 pts)
THREE of the following questions will appear on the final exam. You will choose and answer ONE of
them. Your essay should include a clear thesis and at least three strong and specific supporting
1 Gaius Marius greatly transformed Rome’s military. Briefly describe the Roman army before and after
the reforms. Why were these reforms needed? Should they be seen as having been a success?
2 The Roman state had a surprising amount of difficulty keeping its finances in order. What factors
made it difficult for Rome to keep on a sound budgetary footing? Did Rome ever solve this problem?
3 The Christian church began as an underground institution, but then emerged and rapidly became the
state religion of Rome. How did this process transform both Rome and the Christian Church?
4 Slavery was very much a part of life in the Roman world. Discuss the history of slavery in the Roman
world, and explain the part that slavery played in the larger history of the Roman Republic and Empire.
5 The Byzantine east survived long after the fall of Rome in the west, and continued to call itself the
Roman Empire. Was this claim justified? How was the Byzantine Empire in the east related to the older
Roman Empire and Republic?
Section three Cumulative Essay (50 pts)
ALL FOUR of these questions will appear on the exam. CHOOSE AND PREPARE ONE of them. Your
response should include a clear thesis and at least two concrete examples from each half of the class.
1 Religion and the State How did the relationship between the state and religion evolve over the
span of time covered by this course? What factors were most important in shaping and directing these
historical changes?
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