CS 2110 Midterm: CS 2110 Cornell 2012 Fall Examsp1 Fall 12 Solutions

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31 Jan 2019

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Netid: _____________: the exam is closed book and closed notes. Good luck: start by writing your name and cornell netid on top! Check now that you have all the pages: web, email, etc. may not be used. Calculator with programming capabilities are not permitted no calculators should be needed anyway. You should be able to t your answers easily into the space we provided. Answers that are not concise might not receive full points: in some places, we have abbreviated or condensed code to reduce the number of pages that must be printed for the exam. In others, code has been obfuscated to make the problem more dif cult. This does not mean that its good style. 1 classes, interfaces, and types: answer the following questions with either true or false. Solution: false, false, true1, false, false, false, false, false, true. Foo(string t) { s = "c" + t; public string tostring() { return s; class bar extends foo {

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