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Nutritional Science
NS 1150
David Levitsky

ChristinaRegan March 13, 2012 USEntry into WWI Define and state the significance for each of the following, A-N, in terms of pushing the US toward entering WWI. You may need to utilize online resources to identify some of these events. Do it. When you are done, put them in chronological order (with date in parentheses). War breaks out in Europe (August 1914) 1. Zimmermann Note Published (January 1917) a. Arthur Zimmermann–German foreign secretary i. Sent a note to his minister in Mexico City b. The note urged Mexico to join the Central Powers c. Zimmermann promised that if the United States entered the war, Germany would help Mexico recover “the lost territory of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona” d. This threat enraged Americans e. It inflamed tensions between the U.S. and Mexico f. Increased Anti-German sentiment when Zimmermann admitted that it was true 2. German Sinking of the Arabic (August 1915) a. It was an ocean liner that was bound for America b. It was sunk by a torpedo from U-24 (German) 50 miles from Kinsale c. Lost 44 passengers, 3 of which were American 3. U.S. Declares Neutrality 4. Britain Declares a North Sea “War Zone” 5. Wilson Announces the U.S. is “Too Proud to Fight” 6. Germany issues the “Sussex Pledge” (May 4, 1916) a. It was a promise given by the German Government to the U.S. in response to U.S. demands relating to the conduct of WWI b. Germany promised to alter their naval and submarine policy of unrestricted submarine warfare and stop the indiscriminate sinking of non-military ships c. Merchant ships would be searched and sunk only if they contained contraband, and then only after safe passage had been provided for the crew and passengers 7. Election of 1916, “He kept us out of War” a. The American public opposed going to war. b. The Republican Party rejected the pro-war Theodore Roosevelt and favored Charles Evans Hughes
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