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Social facilitation the effect of the presence of others on performance can be positive or negative. Evaluation apprehension people become aroused when they are in the presence of a potential evaluator. Zajonc"s argument: the presence of others tends to facilitate performance on simple or well-learned tasks it hinders performance on difficult tasks. Mere presence makes a person more aroused. Arousal tends to make a person more rigid , more inclined to do what he is naturally inclined to do. The increase in dominant response tendencies facilitate simple tasks or inhibits complex tasks. Other species rats, dogs, pigeons, even armadillos eat more alongside others full chicken eats 70% more when in presence of co-actor. Biopsychosocial model of performance good stress: produced in a challenge, resources equal demand bad stress, produced in a threat, demand exceeds resource. Triplett"s fishing reel social facilitation caused most (50%) children reeled faster when another child was standing at location b than when they were reeling alone.

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