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FST 322 Final: FST Study Guide

Food Science and Technology
Course Code
FST 322
Study Guide

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Chapter 4: FDA Regulations
1. Definition of Principal Display Panel (hereinafter referred as “PDP”)?
-The portion of the package label that is most likely to be seen by the consumer
at the time of purchase
2. Definition of Information Panel (hereinafter referred as “IP”)?
-The information panel is the label panel immediately to the right of the PDP,
as displayed to the consumer. If this panel is not usable, due to package design
and construction, (e.g.,folded flaps), then the information panel is the next
label panel immediately to the right.
3. How is the area of a PDP calculated? (3 scenarios)
-In the case of a rectangular package where one entire side properly can be
considered to be the principal display panel side, the product of the height
times the width of that side.
-In the case of a cylindrical or nearly cylindrical container, 40 percent of the
product of the height of the container times the circumference
- In the case of any other shape of container, 40 percent of the total surface of
the container
4. What information MUST BE on the PDP? (2 items)
-Quantity of net contents in both metric and US customary and Statement of
Identity. SI isn't the brand
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5. What information must be either on the PDP or IP? (4 items)
-Nutrition facts label
-Ingredients and Allergens
-Name and Address of Manufacturer
-Address of Distributor or seller
6. How do we determine a food product’s statement of identity? (3 step approach)
-The name now or hereafter specified in or required by any applicable Federal
law or regulation; or, in the absence
-The common or usual name of the food; or, in the
absence thereof,
-An appropriately descriptive term, or when the nature of
the food is obvious, a fanciful name commonly used by the
public for such food
7. What is a “standard of identity”?
- The mandatory, federally set requirements that determine what a food product
must contain to be marketed under a certain name in interstate commerce.
8. The ingredients are listed in the _______________order of __________ in the list of
ingredients statement.
-Descending order of Predominance
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9. What products must have nutrition facts panel (hereinafter referred as “NFP”) on the label?
-“Nutrition information relating to food shall be provided for all products
intended for human consumption and offered for sale unless an exemption is
provided for the product in paragraph (j) of this section.
10. Name the products or entities or situations that qualify for exemption from nutritional
-Food served in restaurants, etc. or delivered to homes ready for immediate
-Delicatessen-type food, bakery products and confections that are sold directly
to consumers from the location where prepared
-Foods that provide no significant nutrition such as instant coffee (plain or
unsweetened) and most spices
-Infant formula, and infant and junior foods to 4 years (modified label
provisions for these though)
-Dietary supplements, they have different labeling
-Medical foods
-Bulk foods shipped for further processing or packaging before retail sale
-Fresh produce and seafood
-Certain egg cartons
-Packages with “this unit not labeled for retail sale” within multiunit package,
and outer wrapper bears all required label statements
-Self-service bulk-foods
-Donated foods that is given free to the consumer
-Game meat may provide required nutrition information or labeling but with a
different CFR.
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