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MIC 201 Midterm: MIC201Practical1

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MIC 201
Wei- Jen Lin

Lab 2 Objectives: 1. Be aware of the abundance of microorganisms in our environment 2. Practice prep of a smear on microscope slide 3. Simple staining 4. Practice care and use of microscope 5. View cell morphology of various microorganisms In order to survive there must be proper growth conditions: ● Adequate nutrient medium ● Suitable growth environment ● VBNC- viable but nonculturable ○ Could not divide under normal growth condition Simple Stain ● Stains are used to enable microscopic visualization of shape, appearance, and arrangements of cells ● Preparation of smears - a suspension of cells in water which is dried on a slide ○ Should be light and uniform in appearance for best results ○ Positive staining techniques ■ Simple staining - bacterial smears with a single dye 1. Heat loop 2. Water on slide by loop 3. Heat loop again 4. Get bacteria and mix it with water 5. Let it air dry 6. Fix the smear with heat 2-3x Stain 1. Few drops of stain, give one minute to react 2. Rinse with water immediately 3. Blot with paper towels a. Careful not to over stain Lab 3
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