BIOL 202 Quiz: Chapter 3 Study Guide

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8 Feb 2017

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Bio 202 Study Guide
Chapter 3: Concepts and Tools for Studying Microorganisms
acid-fast technique: staining technique for Mycobacterium.
o Bacterial cells are stained red with carbol fuschin.
acidic dye: anionic dye that is repelled by the negatively charged bacterial cell
o The field is colored, rather than the bacteria.
o Cells are observed in their natural conditions.
Antiserum: the collection of antibodies that are generated by the immune system
as a result of microorganism infection.
Archaea: domain and kingdom of prokaryotes.
o Archaea do not have peptidoglycan on cell wall.
Bacteria: domain of prokaryotes.
o Peptidoglycan.
basic dye: cationic dye attracted to negative cell wall.
o Cells are stained while field remains the same.
o Size and morphology.
Biofilm: complex communities of bacteria that communicate and interact to thrive
in environment.
Bioremediation: the industrial repurposing of bacteria and biofilm to remove
waste, etc.
dichotomous key: Construction of a flowchart where positive or negative test
procedures are listed down.
o Because the chart will only reveal a positive or negative result, the flow
chart immediately leads to the next test result.
o The result of the entire flow chart will lead to the identification of a
specific organism.
differential staining procedure:
o Stain with purple dye; add iodine solution; add alcohol and assess whether
or not color is lost; determine gram positive/negative; size and
Domain: taxon that is composed of kingdoms.
o Archaea; Bacteria; Eukarya.
Eukarya: multicellular organisms.
Flagellum: long thin projections attached to cells to allow them to move from
place to place.
Genus: taxon to which a species belongs to.
Gram stain technique
o gram-negative: susceptible to tetracycline.
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