PSYC 304 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Karl Von Frisch, Nikolaas Tinbergen, Konrad Lorenz

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15 Jan 2019

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3 basic views of the role of animals: animals have the same rights as humans, animals were put on earth for our use, animals should be treated as well as possible but human needs should come first. History of animal behavior study: studying the behavior of animals has historically been for practicality, breeding and training hunting dogs, horses, carrier pigeons, as a result, our knowledge is somewhat haphazard, selective breeding/creationist. Early knowledge of animals: native americans had vast knowledge of animal behavior, sumerian clay tablets from over 5,000 years ago depict over 100 kinds of birds and 50 types of fish, specifically knowledge for those animals they hunted. Included modern ideas such as evoluntionary development across species: gathered information from his own observations and those of travelers, some information was inaccurate, they believed in unicorns. Karl von frisch, konrad lorenz, & niko tinbergen. Three european researches studied aninmals extensively in natural settings.

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