GPHD 5 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Edward De Bono, Chuck Close

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9 Jan 2019
GPHD 5: Quiz #2
1. According to Edward de Bono, “to regard thinking as a __skills____ rather
than a gift is the 1st step towards doing something to improve that
2. Which Bloom’s Taxonomy level implies a hands-on approach to learning?
3. Which Bloom’s Taxonomy level uses comparing and contrasting as a key
strategy to learning? (analysis)
4. Which Bloom’s Taxonomy level was demonstrated in Professor Estioko’s
innovative salad dressing technique? (synthesis)
5. Professor Estioko used his college Anatomy class as an example of
knowledge-based learning. However, in his next science class, Physiology
he had to upgrade his Bloom’s learning level to ___ comprehension___, as
he had to understand the actual functions of individual organs-not just
know their location in the human body.
6. An advertising from is also known as __a shop____.
7. As a general rule, graphic designers should try to seek out spec work.
8. If an advertising campaign here compared to a strategic military action,
__tv and radio____ would be the 1st wave of attack.
9. The advertising industry is very volume. (True)
10. Advertising is less about __the big idea____ these days, more about mood,
feeling, and attitude.
11. In the Abstract: The Art of Design episode we viewed in class, Christoph
Niemann said, “abstraction is the idea of getting rid of everything that not
essential to making a __point_____.”
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