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HLTH 1000 Midterm: Unit 1 Study Guide Part 6

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HLTH 1000
Julie Kulas

If you would like to cut down on your drinking, what are some things you could do? (240) • Talk with a counselor. • Write your reasons for cutting down or stopping. • Set a drinking limit. • Keep a diary of your drinking. • Keep little to no alcohol at home. • Drink slowly. • Learn how to say no. • Stay active. • Get support. • Avoid temptations. • Remember, don’t give up. The amount of alcohol a person consumes seems to be directly related to the drinking habits of that individual’s social group. (240) Student efforts to fit in by drinking can escalate into alcohol abuse behavior and put their health, well-being, and chances of academic success at risk. (241) Smokers are more likely to have higher levels of perceived stress than nonsmokers. (244) T or F: Cigars and hookahs are a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. (246) Smokeless tobacco is just as addictive as cigarettes and actually contains more nicotine—holding an average-sized dip or chew in the mouth for 30 minutes delivers as much as smoking four cigarettes. A two-can-a-week snuff user gets as much nicotine as a ten-pack-a-week smoker. (247) Smoke particles irritate lung pathways, causing extra mucus pr
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