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SOCI 1010 Midterm: SOCIO 1010 Test 1 study guide (1010)

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SOCI 1010

STUDY GUIDE, Test 1 Race, Gender, and Class Fall 2016 This is not an exhaustive list of what is covered on the exam, but a guide to help you as you study. You are responsible for ANY, and all, assigned readings, lectures, handouts, and films! I. Concepts you need to know Personal trouble: private matter; lies within the individual as a biological entity and within the scope of ones immediate social setting, personal experience, and to some extent, their willful activity Public issue: public matter; transcends local environments of the individual and carries over into the historical society as a whole Ex: Jane gets fired from her job as a Retail Manager at Aeropostale for being an asshole (trouble). Ex: Millions of workers are laid off (issue). Science: the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment Empirical (research): observable; answers to questions are found through controlled, systematic observations (the scientific method). Must be able to replicate research. Race: sociallyconstructed classification system based on perceived physical characteristics Differences bt Race Ethnicity: 1. Race includes the perception of a hierarchy includes dominant subordinate racial groups. 2. Race is imposed on people, ethnicity is voluntary. . Ethnicity: classification system based on shared cultural similarities (language, food, dress, religion, symbols, beliefs, etc.) Optional Ethnicity: taking onadopting any particular ethnic background you want Symbolic ethnicity: respecting an ethnic background wo the need to embrace it fully or inpart Ex: Individuals who identify as Irish, for example, on occasions such as Saint Patricks Day, on family holidays, or for vacations. Dominant privilege: privilege based off ones race or sex that works systematically to over empower certain groups; not earned or conferred by birth or luck Minority group: category of people distinguished by physical or cultural traits who are socially disadvantaged Dominant group: racialethnic group that is socially advantaged Discrimination (both individual and institutional (via systematic means)): an action; unequal treatment of people based on categorical membership Ex: Landlord that doesnt rent (action) to Muslims because heshe thinks that they are all terrorists (individual) Ex: Oneonone violence (individual) Ex: Slavery (institutional) Ex: Firefighters sue because of outrageous height requirements that institutionally discriminates against averageheight individuals (institutional) 1
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