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MGT 323 Quiz: Chapter 2 Q:AExam

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MGT 323
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Q/A !
MGT 323 Chapter 2!
1. A management consultant who advises managers to carefully study jobs, train workers to do
them with efficient motions, and tie pay to job performance is using ideas from ____.
a . s c i e n t i f i c m a n a g e m e n t
b . contingency thinking
c . Henri Fayol
d . Theory Y
2. The Hawthorne studies were important in management history because they raised
awareness about the influence of ____ on productivity.
a . organization structures
b. human factors
c . physical work conditions
d . pay and rewards
3. If Douglas McGregor heard an instructor complaining that her students were lazy and
irresponsible, he would say these assumptions ____.
a . violated scientific management ideas
b . focused too much on needs
c. would create a negative self-fulfilling prophecy
d . showed contingency thinking
4. If your local bank or credit union is a complex system, then the loan processing department
of the bank would be considered a ____.
a. subsystem
b . closed system
c . learning organization
d . bureaucracy
5. When a manager puts Danté in a customer relations job because he has strong social needs
and gives Sherrill lots of daily praise because she has strong ego needs, he is displaying ____.
a . systems thinking
b . Theory X
c. contingency thinking
d . administrative principles
6. Which of the following is one of the characteristics of Weber’s ideal bureaucracy?
a . Few rules and procedures
b. Impersonality
c . Promotion by privilege not by merit
d . Ambiguous hierarchy of authority
7. Which principle states that a person should only receive orders from one boss in an
a . Scalar
b . Contingency
c . Hawthorne
d. Unity of command
8. One of the conclusions from the Hawthorne studies was that ____.
a . motion studies could improve performance
b. groups can sometimes restrict the productivity of their members
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