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BSC 1085C Study Guide - Final Guide: Common Flexor Tendon, Avascular Necrosis, Greenstick FractureExam

Biological Sciences
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BSC 1085C
Study Guide

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Anatomy Review 07- Wrist
1. The proximal row carpal bones consist of
A: Pisiform, triquetrum, Lunate, Scaphoid
2. Which carpal bone articulates with the thumb
a. Pisiform
b. lunate
c. capitate
d. trapezium
e. trapezoid
f. Scaphoid
g. Triquetrum
h. Hamate
3. This carpal bone articulates with the 5th metacarpal
a. trapezoid
b. Scaphoid
c. Triquetrum
d. Hamate
4. Palmar aponeurosis serves as the distal attachment for
a. FCU
b. FCR
d. ECU
e. PL
5. Common flexor tendon originates at the lateral epicondyle
a. T
b. F
6. ECRB inserts at
a. Base of5thst MC and pisiform
b. Base of 2nd MC
c. Base of 3rd MC
d. Base of 1st MC and scaphoid bone
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