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SPC 4445 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Mahatma Gandhi, Trait TheoryExam

Speech Communication
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SPC 4445
William Parsons
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Communication for Effective Leadership
Chapter two Notes
1.Intelligence Confidence Charisma Determination Sociability Integrity: 6 Traits needed to
be a successful leader
2.Intelligence: Includes having good language skills, perceptual skills, and reasoning ability. It
is hard to change IQ. It is possible to obtain knowledge, learn about your job and environment,
use info to become better leaders
3.Confidence: Has to do with feeling positive about ones self and ones ability to succeed.
Confident people feel self assured, believe they can accomplish goals, don't second guess
themselves, them move forward with clear visions, they are positive about self and ability. We
can build confidence by understanding what is required from us, have a mentor to show the way
and provide feedback, and practice more.
4.Charisma: Magnetic charm and appeal that gives leaders exceptional powers of influence. It
isn't a common personality trait. To increase charisma be a strong role model for values, be
competent in leadership to gain trust, articulate clear goals and strong values, communicate high
expectations and show confidence in followers' abilities, and inspire others. Ex. Kennedy,
Ghandi, MLK
5.Determination: Focused and attentive to tasks know where to go and how to get there.
Includes initiative, persistence, and drive. Persevere in the face of obstacles. Easiest for leaders
to acquire. Focus on task, clarify goals, articula visión, and encourage others to stay the course.
Ex. Marathon runners, Nelson Mandela
6.Sociability: The capacity to establish pleasant social relationships. Friendly, outgoing,
courteous, and diplomatic. Sensitive to others and cooperative. Easier for some than others.
Increasing sociability requires that we try to get along with our coworkers. Be friendly, kind, and
thoughtful. Ex. Anne Fox in leadership class
7.Integrity: Honesty and trustworthy with strong principles. Inspire confidence because it
creates trust. Loyal, dependable, and not deceptive. Undergirds all aspects of leadership
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