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GEO 1330 Final: Final Exam Guide

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GEO 1330

1. How is climate research conducted? a. What kind of data is available and how is it collected? Long term records (NASA) metadata (data about the data) ice cores (example of proxy records) rock layers(sedimentary) Dendrochronology carbon dating FARM RECORDS!!(mention this one) art and literature (showed the existence of the little ice age, frozen over rivers/lakes) Meta data - (TYPE OF INSTRUMENT, THE CONDITION OF THE INSTRUMENT, EXPOSURE, HEIGHT, DEGREE OF INTERFERENCE, OBSERVATION PROTOCOLS)information about the instruments used (on ocean- what kind of thermometer(instantue instrument), what ship it on / NASA - where the satellites are and which satellite collected the information, remote readings (satellites are not in the weather so collected remotely, active sensor, beam sent out (Doplin Radar) b. What challenges are involved in collecting and analyzing climate data? Most records tend to be in more developed countries Lot of data and meta data Corroborating records make it easier (a year without a summer --. Mount tambura eruption resulting in the year without summer) What rocks were erupted and how much was erupted Climate systems are complex --. Modeling and explaining can be difficult to be confident in causality Inconsistencies across the data (inhomogeneity)/ variations makes it difficult to compare data Building meta data is frustrating and annoying and very tome consuming c. How is research conducted? ● Field observations/experiments ● Archived data paleoclimate sources Lot of statistics (in statistical climatology --> mechanistic) Statistical modeling and numerical/mechanical (physics (gases act in a certain wa
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