HIST 1300 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Pope Leo Iii, Crop Rotation, Romulus Augustulus

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Diocletian (284-305): splits empire into 4 (tetrarchy- 4 sections with mini emperors) tenant farmers tied to their land. Decreased mobility, changes military philosophy to defense not offense. Persecution of christians fixed wages and prices to fight inflation tax reforms (rural areas- payment in kind not money, cities- payment in labor on public works) Nero (64 c. e): rome burns down and nero blames the christians first major execution of the christians. Constantine: first roman emperor to convert to christianity. The council of nicea: council of christian bishops. The nicene creed: statement of christian beliefs (100 yrs after council) Theodosius (379-392): last emperor to reign over east and west. Helped formulate the doctrine of original sin and grace. Author of the city of god and confessions. Translated large portions of the bible into latin. Successful attempts converting germanic people (anglo-saxons, visigoths, and lombards) A saint in catholic church, eastern orthodox church, anglican church, and lutheran churches.

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