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RIU 436 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Dynamic Pressure, Capillary, Flow VelocityExam

Radiation and Imaging - Ultrasound
Course Code
RIU 436
Miram Teft
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Vascular Quiz 1
1. Which of the following equations demonstrates an inverse
relationship between pressure (p) and velocity (v), assuming
flow (Q) remains constant?
a. vp=Q
2. What vessel type is responsible for controlling resistance in
the distal vascular beds?
a. Arterioles
3. What is the primary source of pressure which creates
forward flow of blood through the arterial circulation?
a. Dynamic pressure
4. Laminar flow through a healthy vessel can be accurately
described as which of the following?
a. Blood cells flowing parallel to each other, with highest
speeds in the center of the vessel
5. Blood flow changing direction as an artery branches or
bifurcates will lead to flow turbulence and energy loss. The
principle underlying these properties and patterns is:
a. Inertia
6. What mechanism does a body use to circumvent a severe
narrowing or obstruction in the arterial flow of the body?
a. Collateral vessels
7. What is the main reason that blood flow velocity drops as it
moves distally in the body?
a. Increased total cross-sectional area
8. What mechanism uses arterial wall elasticity to keep blood
moving forward in the arteries during ventricular diastole?
(Hint: it converts the pulsatile flow from the heart to steady
flow in the capillary bed)
a. Hydraulic filter
9. Which element of an arterial waveform is created by the
acceleration of blood flow during ventricular systole?
a. Upstroke

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10. When an arteriole bed dilates, this will cause an increase in
which of the following elements of a waveform?
a. Diastolic flow
Unit 1 Application Based Test
1. The following spectral Doppler tracing is taken from the
peroneal artery of a healthy, 45 year-old man. Which
components confirm that he has a healthy arterial wall?
b. Pulsatility
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