GEO 135 Study Guide - Final Guide: Sankore Madrasah, Congo River, France 5

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9 Feb 2017

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GEO135Final Exam
1. On the Earth, a great circle is:
Equator (Any 3 points where 1 runs through center of Earth)
2. What temperature, in oF, is equal to XX times its value in oC?
3. The predominant Köppen-Geiger climatic type for most of XXXXXXXXX
would be:
Congo River Basin- B
4. The “break-of bulk” point for XXXXXXX-bound ships would be:
Rouen, France
5. Estonian, Hungarian (a.k.a. Magyar) and Basque languages XXXXXXX?
Finno-Ugric (Uralic)
6. A map tangent at the Prime Meridian/International Date Line:
7. In relation to semi-permanent anticyclones, annual precipitation would
Eastern shore of South Africa
8. In Africa, this (from question #7) is demonstrated by:
Bread Basket (A region known for its rich soil, good climate and farming)
9. The most populous type, sect or variant of Islam in XXXXXXX is:
Saudi Arabia-Sunni
10. The politically dominant type, sect or variant of Islam in YYYYYYY is:
Saudi Arabia-Sunni
11. The most populous type, sect or variant of Islam in ZZZZZZZ is:
Syria-Alawite (Sunni?)
12. The politically dominant type or variant of Islam in XXXXXXX is:
Syria-Bahrain (Alawite)
13. Which of the following has a Shi’a majority?
14. Which is the largest (in area) country in Western Europe?
15. Which is the largest (in population) country in Western Europe?
16. Which country is nearly bisected by the Islamic Front?
17. What depression is prominent in southern Africa?
Kalahari Depression
18. What word in Arabic would be suitable only for a female?
Bint, Ahmat (Hijab)
19. In the Islamic world, what commemorates the death of Husayn?
20. What is the definitive act that makes one a Muslim?
Hajj (Pilgrimage)
21. The percentage of Arab Muslims in YYYYYYY is approximately:
22. The percentage of Arab Shi’a Muslims in ZZZZZZZ is approximately:
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