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Kinesiology and Recreation
KNR 182

Study Guide for FINAL EXAMDigestive UnitAnatomy to knowOral CavityMouth mucous lined cavity also called oral cavityPharynx muscular tube extending from the region posterior to the nasal cavities to the esophagusTongue composed of interlacing bundles of skeletal muscle fibers and during chewing it grips the food and constantly repositions it between the teethTaste buds allow for the organism to taste food flavorsPapillae peg like projections of the underlying mucosaPalate forms the roof of the mouth has two distinct parts hard and softTeethincisors canines premolars molars incisors cutting and shearing of food caninesholding and tearing premolars and molarscrushing and grindingSalivary glands parotid submandibular sublingual parotid lies anterior to the ear between the masseter muscle and the skin sumandibularlies along the medial aspect of the mandibular body sublinguallies anterior to the submandibular gland under the tongue and opens via 1012 ducts in the floor of the mouthSalivary ducts carry saliva from salivary glands to the mouthEsophagus muscular tube extending from the laryngopharynx through the diaphragm to join the stomach collapses when not involved in food propulsionStomachChyme semifluid creamy mass consisting of partially digested food and gastric juiceCardia surrounds the cardiac orifice through which food enters the stomach from the esophagusFundus dome shaped paret tucked beneath the diaphragm that bulges superolaterally to the cardiaBody the midportion of the stomachPyloris is continuous with the duodenum part of the small intestine and is the terminating point of the pyloric regionLesser curvature concave medial surface of the stomachGreater curvature convex lateral surface of the stomachGastric rugae large longitudinal folds in the stomach that are formed when the stomach collapses as it is emptyGastric pits millions of deep pits that lead into the gastric glandsGastric glands glands in the stomach that produce the stomach secretion of gastric juiceSmall intestine the bodys main digestive organDuodenum first part of the small intestineCommon bile duct removes bile from the gallbladderPancreatic duct tube that removes pancreatic juice from the pancreas and takes it to the small intestine
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