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Kinesiology and Recreation
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KNR 225

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EXAM 1 REVIEWChapters 1 2 3 4 Class Notes Supplemental ReadingsthExam Monday Feb 7 Exam will consist of Multiple Choice TrueFalse Matching and Short AnswerNote Exam is not limited to the followingRead all chapters review class notes and journal articleChapter 1Understanding Motor Development An OverviewGive a comprehensive definition of Motor Development this could be a short answer questionoMotor Development is the continuous change in motor behavior throughout the life cycle brought about by the interaction among the requirements of the movement task the biology of the individual and the conditions of the environment Individual environment task oMovement The observable change in the position of any part of the bodyoDevelopment Changes in an individuals level of functioning over timeWhy do physical education teachers need to study motor developmentoEstablish developmentally appropriate activities for optimal teachinglearning of movement skills Know the following terms Growth Development Maturation Motor Behavior Motor Control Motor Performance Gross Motor Skills Fine Motor Differentiation Integration CephalocaudalProximodistaloGross Motor skills motor skilllarge musculatureoFine motor skills motor skill small musculatureoGrowth Quantitative An increase in the size of the body or its partsoDevelopment Changes in an individuals level of functioning over timeoMaturation qualitative progress toward physical maturity the state of optimal functional integration of an individuals body systemsthe ability to reproduce function of organstissuesoMotor Behavior Changes in motor learning and development that embody learning factors and maturational processes associated with movement performanceoMotor Control study of underlying mechanisms responsible for movement with emphasis given to what is being controlled and how the processes governing control are organizedoMotor Performance act of executing a movement skilloDifferentiation Gradual progression from gross overall movement patterns of infants to functional movements of a child and adultoIntegration Beginning various opposing muscle and sensory systems into coordinated interaction with one anotheroCephalocaudal From head to tail growth walkingoProximosdistal From center to peripheryAge classificationsoChronological age ones age in month or yearsoMorphological age comparison of ones attained size heightweight to normative standardsoSkeletal age provides one with a record of the biological age of the developing skeleton xrayoDental age Sequence of tooth development from first appearance of the cusp to root closureoSexual age Sexual maturation is determined by variable attainment of primary and secondary sexual characteristicsDomains of BehavioroPsychomotor includes processes of change stabilization and regression in physical structure and neuromuscular functionoCognitive involves the functional relationship between mind and bodyoAffective feelings and emotions Know the following terms Movement Movement Pattern Fundamental Movement Pattern Movement skilloMovement The observable change in the position of any part of the bodyoMovement Patterns An organized series of related movements used to perform a movement taskoFundamental Movement Pattern The observable performance of a basic locomotor manipulative or stability movement that involves combining movement patterns of two or more body segments
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