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KNR 280 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Myostatin, Vo2 Max, Hyperplasia

Kinesiology And Recreation
Course Code
KNR 280
Study Guide

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280 Exam 3
1. ***Which of the following is a benefit or adaption typically associated with resistance
A. Increased mitochondrial density
B. And increase in fat free mass
C. Significant increase in VO2max
D. Increased capillary density within the muscle tissue.
2. Which of the following is not true with regards to HGH
Can be administered both in pill form and via injection
3. A competitive marathon runner might take _____ in attempt to increase VO2 max
b. Erythroprotein
4. For adolescent, abusing anabolic steroids may create additional risk because
a. These types of steroids may signal the endocrine system to halt the normal
maturation process.
5. Coping with heat stress is more difficult for someone who took EPO. True
6. If the product is marketed as a “supplement” then.
a. This product must contain an herbal addition or botanical component
7. ***Meta-analysis published in 2002 said that what percent of supplements were found
a. <1%
8. In class we discussed the myostatin gene, this gene codes for a protein that?

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a. Inhibits muscle growth and development
9. When discussing muscle structure ______ are made up of many smaller ______ that
allows the muscle cells to contract.
a. Myofibrils, sarcomeres
10. A motor unit can be defined as? Motor neuron in the muscle fibers innervated by
that fiber
11-15- the signal, or action potential, is passed along the _11_ and then into the interior of
the cell down the __12__. Then, the __13__ is stimulated to release calcium. Once the
calcium is released, it essentially moves troponin and tropomyosin off the binding sites on
the __14__ filament. Finally, __15__ binds to the __14__ and the sarcomeres shorten
14) ACTIN (for both)
15) MYOSIN heads
Muscle Fibers
A) Type I B) Type IIA C) Type IIB D) ALL E) NONE
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