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PSY 110

Psych Notes Ch 1 4 1214 test 45 mc 10 truefalseScientific Method most objective way to acquire knowledgeInvolves1Observation2 Hypothesis testing 3 Theorizing4 ReplicationGoals of PsychBasic researchDescription what occurred describing or saying what has occurred ex case studiesBasic researchExplanation Under what conditions of what has occurredBasic researchPrediction talks about futuristic conditionsApplied researchInfluence controlto increase persuasion credibility and attractivenessBasic vs Applied ResearchBasic pure research solving of a problemApplied practical study to solve an immediate practical problemCritical ThinkingIndependent thinking skepticism wants evidenceSuspension of judgment rush of judgmentWillingness to Change when you collect contradictive data may contradict a theory you have to disregard the theoryDescriptive Research MethodsNaturalistic Observation more natural but problems with wait and observe bias Not trying to affect behavior ex hiding in the bushes observing recessDisadvantage long wait no causeeffectLaboratory Observation more control than Naturalistic disadvantage more expensive less like real worldCase Study great detail but problems with generalizability disadvantage no causeeffect observer biased Surveys can be fastcheap but can be affected by wording and contextSample should be representative of populationCorrelation Method
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