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THE 152

Motor Control Theory provides a foundation on which practictioners can base many tasks and responsibilitiesCoordination the patterning of head body andor limb motions relative ti the patterning of environmental objects and eventsDegrees of freedomof independent elements or components in a control system and theof ways each component can actDegrees of freedom problem a control problem occurs in the designing of a complex system that must produce a specific resultThe design problem involves determining how to constrain the systems many degrees of freedom so that it can produce the specific resultOpenloop control system control system in which all the information needed to initiate and carry out an action as planned is contained in the initial instructions to the effectorsClosedloop control system system of control in which during the course of an action feedback is compared against a standard or reference to enable an action to be carried out as plannedFeedback information from the sensory system that indicates the status of a movement to the central nervous systemIn a closedloop control system feedback is used to make corrections to an ongoing movementMotor Program memory representation that stores information needed to perform an actionGeneralized motor program the memory representation of a class of actions that share common invariant characteristicsProvides the basis for controlling a specific action within the class of actionsInvariant features unique set of characteristics that defines a generalized motor program and does not vary from one performance of the action to anotherParameters feature of generalized motor program that can be varied from 1 performance of a skill to another The features of a skill that must be added to the variant features of a generalized motor program before a person can perform a skill to meet the specific movement demands of a situation
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