CJ ST 484 Final: Study guide Exam 3 - exam 3/3 not cumlative

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Criminal Justice Studies
CJ ST 484

1) Please list and explain the three primary criminal pathways that lead females to bring involved in the criminal justice system. • Female criminal pathways o 1) abusive pathway: females who are involved in the criminal justice system are significantly more likely to have a history of abuse. This includes types of abuse such as sexual, emotional, and physical abuse ▪ this leads to higher rates of mental illness, substance abuse, substance dependence, and involvement in the criminal justice system o 2) relational pathway: often, female offenders are relationship dependent. Dysfunctional and unhealthy intimate relationships lead to the female’s loss of power, reductions in self confidence, domestic abuse, substance abuse, and criminal behavior ▪ the criminal outcome usually results as a product of the dependency of the relationship. They are an accomplice to their more dominate partner or it is a drug based relationship o 3) social and human capital pathway: lack of positive social support from family, involvement in dysfunctional relationships, and low education al attainment ▪ this creates an intersection of dysfunctional, financial dependence, and isolation in a negative environment. This is associated with feelings of helplessness and anxiety 2) Please list and explain the gender responsive strategies that need to be take into account when treating females (there are 6 of them). • Gender Responsive Principles o Guiding principle 1 (gender): acknowledge that gender makes a difference o Guiding principle 2 (environment): create an environment based on safety, respect, and dignity o Guiding principle 3 (relationships): develop policies, practices, and programs that are relational and promote healthy connections to children, family, significant others, and the community o Guiding principle 4 (services and supervision): address substance abuse, trauma, and mental health issues through comprehensive, integrated, and culturally relevant services and appropriate supervision o Guiding principle 5 (Socioeconomic status): Provide women with opportunities to improve their socioeconomic conditions o Guiding principle 6 (community): establish a system of community supervision and reentry with comprehensive, collaborative services 3) What correctional treatment programs do not work in changing behavior? • What treatments do not work to change behavior o Punishment centered treatment programs ▪ Boot camps ▪ Drug testing ▪ Electronic monitoring ▪ Re
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