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[SCI 1102] - Final Exam Guide - Everything you need to know..
[SCI 1102] - Final Exam Guide - Everything you need to know! (105 pages long)

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Kennesaw State University
SCI 1102
Matthew Laposata

[SCI 1102] Comprehensive Final Exam guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Water Module 2 Ea▯th’s Wate▯: Ri▯e▯s a▯d “t▯ea▯s 1. Define river a. Forms from water moving from a higher altitude to a lower altitude, all due to gravity 2. Describe how the sources of the water in rivers a. Most of the water flowing in a river comes from precipitation runoff from the surrounding landscape (watershed) b. Water i▯ a river does▯’t all co▯e fro▯ surface ru▯off c. Rain falling on the land seeps into the earth to form groundwater i. At a certain depth below the land surface (Water table) the ground becomes saturated with water ii. River banks that cut into the saturated area (most rivers do) water will seep out of the ground into the river d. Groundwater seepage can sometimes be seen when a road is built through water bearing layers or driveways e. 3. Explain how rivers progress from highlands to oceans or large lakes a. Rivers flow downhill with the ultimate goal of flowing into the oceans which are at sea level b. Rivers flowing into oceans rejoins the water cycle c. Water cycle is always in progress The River Continuum Concept 1. E▯plai▯ the ▯river co▯ti▯uu▯ co▯cept▯ a▯d relate it to e▯erg▯ i▯puts, orga▯ic ▯atter content, organisms, and physical/chemical conditions along a river system a. The links between the land and aquatic biological community are strongest in the headwaters and diminish as the stream becomes larger b. Land based activities affect the headwaters not only alter the stream locally but can have ripple effects downstream c. Streams are organic machines that use raw energy & turn it into different products or organisms as it flows down streams find more resources at
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