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ANTH 1001

Principal Figures in history of evolutionary thought1Karl vori Linne 17071778Carolus Linnaeusprincipal of fixity of species all species were created by God and species were immutable unchangeable 2Jean Baptiste Lamarck 17741829Theory of the Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics Use and DisuseoTenets of TheoryAn organism has needs in order to surviveneeds are met by the modification of organs or the production of new organsContinued ise of the organs would lead to an increase in their functional capacity lack of use of the organ leads to their degeneration and lossThe changes that occur to organs during an individuals lifetime become inheritable and can be passed on to the offspring INVALIDATED THEORY3George Cuvier 17691832Theory of catastrophismoIn the past there were a series of sudden and violent cataclysmic events These cataclysms caused the extinction of animals in the affected areas After cataclysm subsided the area was repopulated with animals from neighboring areas These immigrant animals were similar in appearance to those that went extinct but not identical4Charles Lyell 17971875Theory of uniformitarianismoForces existing today that shake the earth are the same forces that acted in the past5Thomas Malthus 17661834Essay on the Principle of PopulationoOver time population increases exponentially and food has a linear increaseoAt some point they will cross and there will be more people thant there is foodresources6Charles Darwin 18091882Galapagos Islands found 13 species of finches different from those on the mainlandAlfred Russel Wallace 18231882 proposed a theory to DarwinoDarwins On the Origin of Species was published in 1859oTenets of Darwins Theory of Evolution by Natural SelectionReproductive potential of a species is greatResources in the environment are in limited supplyBiological variation is normal within a speciesAny hereditary variation that allows an organism a slight advangtage in the competition for resources will be perpetuated Those organisms with the favorable traits will survive and produce offspring Then over generations there will be an increase in frequency of individuals with favorable traitsHistory of HeredityGregor Mendel 18221884Published his results of the experiment in 1866ParentalRound x Wrinkledst1 Generation100 RoundRound x Round
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