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Anthropology Test 3 Study Guide

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Decentralized culture is least complex form of government in a band OR a tribe It has no one authority or power First little insertBAND most basic form of DC No one leader no written laws or justice system mostly huntersgatherers Keep order by ridicule and gossip MediationTRIBE group of bands that occupy a region Come together at times for protection to pull resourceseach band makes own decision until they come together then the larger group has more authority Horticultural culturemaintain order by gossipno law inforcement or justice system Sickness you did something wrongbad Ex Yanomami and NavajoCentralized culture 1ChiefdomaHave a chief old man based on inheritancepatrilinealcontrols economical and surplusdemand recruit and depose ppl and himself over thrownbRegionalcAgricultural culture2StateaMost complex and formalbBody of individual that form the govtcUs dHave military religioneFormal laws and justice systemfHead of stategPost agricultural ways of living3Nationsa5000 wwbGroup of ppl that share a culture cHave nations within statedLot of warfare over boundaries and statesSocial control maintaining social order and managing external affairsSanctions rules of livingoInformaleveryday times of behavioroFormalwritten laws and consequencespolitical system
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