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Final Terms For Anthropology

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ANTH 1003

Final Terms for AnthropologyColonialism The active possession of a foreign territory and the maintenance of political domination over that territoryFunctionalism The anthropological theory that specific cultural institutions function to support the structure of a society or serve the needs of its peopleSorcery The conscious and intentional use of magicMillenarian Belief that a coming catastrophe will signal the beginning of a new age and the eventual establishment of paradiseGross Nation Income The total market value of all goods and services produced in a countryCaste A system of stratification based on birth or ascribed status in which social mobility between castes is not possibleMana Religious power or energy that is concentrated in individuals or objectsWealth The accumulation of material resources or access to the means of producing these resourcesForensic anthropology The application of biological anthropology to the identification of skeletalized or badly decomposed human remainsAssimilation The process by which immigrants abandon their cultural distinctiveness and become mainstream AmericansCorvee Labor Unpaid labor required by a governing authorityEnvironmental Justice A movement to expose and address the problems of environmental pollution among poor powerless and minority communitiesAntistructure The socially sanctioned use of behavior that radically violates social norms frequently found in religious ritualSweatshop Generally a pejorative term for a factory with working conditions that may include low wages long hours inadequate ventilation and physical mental or sexual abuse of its workersPolytheism Belief in many godsPrayer Any conversation held with spirits and gods in which people petition invoke praise give thanks dedicate supplicate intercede confess repent and blessJoint Stock Company A firm that is managed by a centralized board of directors but is owned by shareholdersMessianic Focusing on the coming of an individual who will usher in a utopian worldSocial Stratification A social hierarchy resulting from the relatively permanent unequal distribution of goods and services in a societyDutch East India Company A joint stock company chartered by the Dutch government to control all Dutch trade in the Indian and Pacific oceans
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