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Lecture 11

ANTH 103 Lecture 11: ANTH 103 11. Stratification

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ANTH 103
A Lee

11. Stratification 2016 12 10 10:45 Social A social hierarchy resulting from the relatively permanent unequal distribution of stratification goods and services in a society Functionalism The anthropological theory that specific cultural institutions function to support the structure of a society or serve the needs of its people Conflict theory A perspective on social stratification that focuses on economic inequality as a source of conflict and change Wealth The accumulation of material resources or access to the means of producing these resources Power The ability to compel other individuals to do things that they would not choose to do for their own accord Prestige Social honor Cultural basis of prestige are different in different societies Race Different groups who have differences and similarities Class A category of people who all have about the same opportunity to obtain economic resources, power, and prestige and who are ranked relative to other categories Ascribed status A social position based entirely on birth Achieved status A social position that is substantially based on life experiences Caste system Social stratification based on birth or ascribed status in which social mobility between castes is not possible Caste An endogamous, ranked and permanent group based on ascribed status Class system A form of social stratification in which the different strata form a continuum and social mobility is possible Social mobility Movement from one social strata to another Life chances The opportunities that people have to fulfill their potential in society Assimilation A process through which immigrants were expected to abandon their distinctive cultures in favor of an American identity Differences among class and caste societies Caste groups are based off of ascribed status while class groups are based off of achieved status
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