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ANTH 2051 Study Guide For Final (got 93% on the test)

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ANTH 2051

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ANTH 2051 SUTHERLAND FINAL STUDY GUIDE FALL 2012Names TermsConceptsWhat does Clifford mean by the spatial practices of fieldworkspace is not a given it has to be shaped by thoughts and practices Three sections are recent challenges to traditional norms embodied spatial practices postcolonial developmentsSubway ethnographyChallenge to the normal ethnography The field and home split is short and less pervasiveDoes not acknowledge background context or significance Associated with Karen Brown in Mama Lola 1991 Transnational ethnographyViewing and approaching ethnography through and increasingly global world environmentAssociated with David Edward in Afganistan Ethnography and the New World Order Cultural crossdressing adopting costumecustom to study culture going native as method of studySir Richard Burton18311890explored asia America and Africa Spoke 29 european asian and African languages criticized colonial policies Translated Arabian NightsPalgi palanquin chair that diety sits on while he travelsMli an oracle who embodies the SaktiGhori a Gods territory gods have siblings living in neighboring ghorisKhndgang Members of local militia because of fighting between villages Three kinds of ztra akti devine powers Malis oracles embody the deitys Saktis Become possessed by a god On a cosmic levelgods and demons battle for the upcoming yearDasara at royal centers Gods of many villages are invited Happens every 24 hours Communities all travel to here The world is reordered The monarch invites all gods every year for a royal assembly here Fire sacrifices are offered to demons so that they will not bring misfortune the upcoming year Bakhn the report of the assembly that the gods in heaven give when they return from the assemblyColonial archives historical memory news of WWIBlack Atlantic describes the cultural heritage of the African DiasporaMiddle Passage The name given to the forced transportation of enslaved individuals from West Africa across the Atlantic Passage from the Africa to the Americas
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