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Ch1Anthropology the study of humans in all times and placesComparative characterized by gathering and comparing information from many cultures times and places often in an effort to discover possible underlying similarities and differencesCultural relativity the idea that differences exist among cultural systems that different cultural systems can make as much sense as your own and that it is possible to learn to understand different cultural systemsEthnocentrism not understanding different systems on their own terms using your own cultural system to interpret other cultural systems and believing that your own cultural system makes more sense than any otherFieldwork gathering info by living in another culture and learning the language from its speakers adapting and adjusting your frames of reference so that you can understand another culture and language as an insiderFourfield tradition training in the four traditional fields of study archaeology physical anth cultural anth and linguistic anthFrames of reference the ways we see interpret and understand the world around usHolistic characterized by seeing the whole picture with getting the broadest view possibleLinguistic anthropology the study of language from an anthropological perspectiveTheoretical linguistics the study of language from a structural point of view wout much attention to cultural contexts of language in useCh2Categorization system the way a language categorizes itemsCognitive anthropology an anthropological approach in which vocabulary is analyzed to learn about systems of meaning and perceptionComponential analysis a method for revealing the culturally important features by which speakers of a language distinguish different words in a symantic domainContrast analysis sameCultural emphasis an important aspect of a culture often reflected in the vocabulary the cultures members speakDeictic pointing pointing out
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