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Final Study Guide - OUTLINE OF TEST 1 - FINAL

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Louisiana State University
ASTR 1101

ASTR TEST 1 REVIEW1 AU93000000 miles150000000 km Earths avg distance from the Sun1 light year946e1012 km63000 AU0307 parsecsFrom smallest to largestEarth star solar system Milky Way galaxy the Local Group Local Supercluster UniverseEarths seasons are NOT influenced by the distance from the Sun but rather Earths tilt causing different portions of the planet to receive more or less direct sunlightThe greater the tilt of a planets axis towards 90 degrees the more extreme the seasons 0 degrees would see no change throughout the yearPtolemys Model of the solar systemoAn earthfixed model Earth was at the center and did not moveoEverything orbited EarthEarth rotates from west to east so objects in the sky appear to move from east to westCircumpolar stars circle the celestial poles over a year and never disappear from the skyoAs you move away from the poles the amount of circumpolar stars decreases None exist at the EquatorConstellations are collections of stars Theyre useful for location planets and other starsAncient uses of constellationsoMythologystorytellingoCalendaroNavigationoAstrologySolar dayhow long it takes the sun to return to the same position in the sky 24 hrsSidereal dayhow long it takes for the stars to return to the same position in the sky 23h 56m 4091sThe Greeks encountered a problem with the Ptolemaic modeloPlanets were discovered as stars that moved around the sky without staying with constellationsoThe planets had retrograde motionPrograde motionwesttoeast motionnormalRetrograde motioneasttowest Occurs when Earth passes a planet during orbitoPtolemy dealt with the issue by theorizing that the planets experience epicycles while orbiting EarthNicolaus Copernicus developed the idea of a heliocentric solarsystem model after Ptolemy The sun would be the fixed center and the other planets including Earth would orbit itTycho Brahe was acclaimed as the worlds best naked eye astronomeroMade extremely accurate observations without a telescopeoUsed the idea of parallax to estimate the distance of celestial occurancesJohannes Keplerworked for Brahe and eventually developed 3 laws of planetary motionsto1 lawthe orbit of every planet is elliptical with the Sun at one of the two focindo2 lawa line joining a planet and the Sun sweeps out equal areas during intervals of time rdo3 lawthe square of the orbital period p of a planet is directly proportional to 23pathe cube of the semimajor axis a of its orbit A planets orbital speed is independent of its mass It depends only on the distance from the SunPhases of the moonoWaxing crescentwhen the moon is turning towards usoFirst Quartereastern hemisphere is visibleoWaxing gibbousturns toward us into full moon phaseoFull mooncompletely visible to usoWaning gibbousfull moon turning away from us into third quarteroWaning crescentturning from third quarter towards the new moonoNew mooncompletely darkenedoTAKES 295 DAYS TO COMPLETE CYCLEThe phases of the moon are caused by the angle relative to the Earth during the moons orbitMoon has an inclined orbit of 5 degrees relative to the orbit of EarthAstr 1100 Test 2 ReviewGalileoGalileo Galilei Italian 15641642Father of Modern Science First person to observe with a telescope He strongly supported a heliocentric solar systemoDiscovered the scientific methodst1collect data experiment observations etcnd2analyze data looks for patterns correlations etcrd3develop an explanation hypothesisth4find other ways to test the hypothesisoHe discovered that the moon had mountains and valleys debunking the idea that the objects in the heavens are not smooth perfect spheres
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