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ASTR 1101 The Solar System Astronomy Tutorials Exam 1.doc

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Louisiana State University
ASTR 1101

Introduction to AstronomyAstronomers observe planets individually to try and understand each planets history but look at planets collectively to piece together the formation of our solar systemBy observing galaxies astronomers can determine the environment of the Universe and how it has changed since it formedQ1Which of the following best describes the difference between terrestrial and jovian planetsAJovians are far from the sun with many moons and rings terrestrials are close to the Sun with few moonsThe gas giants are far from the Sun where it is coldAll Jovian planets have rings and many satellitesWhere are terrestrial planets locatedAClose to the sunAll of the rocky planets are close to the sun where only have elements could form planetsHow do the sizes of terrestrials compare to Jovian planetsATerrestrial planets are smaller than Jovian planetsThe rocky planets are only a fraction of the size of Jovian planetsQ2All of the planets with active atmospheres also have something else in commonWhat is itAThey have volcanoesAll of the terrestrial planets with atmospheres have signs of geological activity in their past some in their presentWhich of the following is a terrestrial planet without an atmosphereAMercuryMercury is the smallest of the terrestrial planets and has no atmosphereWhich of the following terrestrial planets shows no signs of ever being geologically activeAMercuryMercury shows no signs of ever being geologically activeQ3Which of the following describes the general characteristics of Jovian planetsALarge gassy giants with many rings and satellitesWhere are the Jovian planets located in the solar systemAFar from the sunWhat is the chemical composition of the Jovian planetsAHydrogen helium and some metalsQ4About how much longer until our Sun turns into a red giantA7 billion yearsOur Sun is middle aged
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