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Chap 12 Mastering Biology Questions FINAL EXAM REVIEW (got 94% in the course)

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1001
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Biology Exam FINALMastering Biology Questions Chapter 121What name is given to the process in which a strand of DNA is used as a template for the manufacture of a strand of premRNATranscription 2What name is given to the process in which the information encoded in a strand of mRNA is used to construct a proteinTranslation3What name is given to the process in which premRNA is edited into mRNARNA processing4Polypeptides are assembled from Amino acids5RNA processing converts the RNA transcript into mRNA6In eukaryotic cells the first step in protein synthesis is the Transferring of information from DNA to messenger RNA7What is the primary job of DNAIt provides blueprints for proteins
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