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Crousillac Fall 2012 1st Exam Study Guide (97% in the course

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1001
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Chapter 1 Study Guide biologyThe Charachteristics of Life1Complex organized structure2Response to stimulia change outside or inside leads to another change3Homeostasisthe ability to maintain the structure and regulate the internal environment4Ability to acquire material and energy The material and energy are often transformedOrganisms can take in nutrients food for raw materials and energy heterotrophs GrowthOr they can use sunlight for energy photosynthesis to produce energyrich sugar molecules autotrophs5Growth6Reproductioneither sexual or asexual DNA is genetic information the blueprint for the offspring7Ability to evolveto change to fit the environmentEmergent PropertiesCell The smallest unit of lifeMetalbolismbasically the sum total of all of the chemical reactions that occur within an organismDNA EvolutionIf the environment changes then the population of organisms must change to fit the environment or face the possibility of extinctionNatural SelectionProcess of survival of the fittest MutationsAccumulation of DNA changesDiversity
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