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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 1001 exam 2 study guideCHAPTER 5Plasma MembraneIs usually the outermost barrier of the cellContains the cell but still allows the cell to interact with the environmentFunctionsoIsolate the cell environmentoRegulate exchange between inside and outsideoCommunicate with other cellsoRegulates biochemical reactionsoCreate attachments with other cellsIs the membrane at the boundary of every cell that acts as selective barrier thereby regulating the cells chemical environmentFluidity of MembranesSinger and Nicolson Fluid Mosaic Modeleach membrane consists of a mosaic of proteins that constantly shift and flow within a fluid formed by a double layer of phospholipidsFactors which influence fluidity of membranesoLipid compositionoTemperatureMembrane ProteinsTransport proteinsa protein that regulates the movement of water soluble molecules through the plasma membraneoChannel proteinsporesA membrane protein that forms a channel or pore completely through the membrane and that is usually permeable to one or to a few watersoluble molecules especially ionsoCarrier proteinsselective revolving doorsA membrane protein that facilitates the diffusion of specific substances across the membrane The molecule to be transported binds to the outer surface of the carrier protein the protein then changes shape allowing the molecule to move across the membraneReceptor proteinsoA protein located in a membrane or the cytoplasm of a cell that binds to specific molecules triggering a response in the cell such as endocytosis changes in metabolic rate cell division or electrical changesCelltocell recognitionoA protein or glycoprotein protruding from the outside surface of a plasma membrane that identifies a cell as belonging to a particular species to a specific individual of that species and in many cases to one specific organ within the individualoSome of the recognition key of the surface of cells are glycoproteins these are unique and identify the cells as self cellsGlycoproteins are proteins which have carbohydrate attached to them
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