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MicrobesMonday September 19 20111242 PM ViroidsoSimpler than virusConsist of single strand of RNANo protein coatoHijack cellsoInfects primarily plant cells including citrus trees potatoes avocados etcPrionoProtein particle that is folded wrong causes other proteins to fold incorrectlyoDoes not have genetic informationoCauses proteins in the brain to fold incorrectlyMad cow disease CreutzfeldtJacob disease and kuruProkaryotesoBacteria and archaea domainso8000 species described may be 1001000 that numberoFirst organisms to appear on earth 35 billion years agooComponentsCell wallsSemiridgid permeable made of peptidoglycanGives bacteria shapesShapesBacilli cocci spirillaCapsuleHighly organized firmly attached to the cell wallSlime layerLess organized loosely attached to cell wallPiliHairlike structure on surface of bacteria which aid in attachmentRotating flagellaEndosporeProtective resting structuresBacteria surrounded by durable cell wall Resistant to extreme conditionoReproductionAsexual in the form of binary fissionSexual in the form of conjugation using plasmidSex pillioEnergy sourcesAutotrophs using photosynthesis or chemosynthesisHeterotrophs including symbiosesoDiseasesGonorrhea syphilis Tuberculosis Lyme diseaseoAntibiotic resistance
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