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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1201
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InterphaseGor 1st Growth Phase occurs after a cell has undergone cell 1 divisionCells matureincrease in size by making more cytoplasmorganelles while carrying normal metabolic activities in G1 S or Synthesis Phase follows Gand the genetic material of the1cell DNA is copied or replicated Gor 2nd Growth Phase occurs after S Phase and the cell makes all 2 the structures needed to divideCell division in ProkaryotesProkaryotes such as bacteria do not have a nucleusProkaryotes divide into two identical new cells by the process of binary fissionBinary fission is an asexual method of reproductionIn binary fissionthe chromosome attached to cell membrane makes a copy of itself and the cell grows to about twice its normal sizeNext a cell wall forms between the chromosomesthe parent cell splits into 2 new identical daughter cells clones
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