BIOL 1202 Chapter 22

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1201
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1Bio 1202CHAPTER 22Descent with Modification A Darwinian View of LifeThe first convincing case of evolution was published by Charles Darwin in 1859EvolutionDescent with modificationEvolution is change over timeWhat kind of changeA change in the frequency of the alleles of a populationmutation which favors one allele over anothermutation which creates a new allele that is favoredHow much timeSeveral generations for the organismfor bacteriaa day or two could be plentyfor humansmay be 200300 yearsDarwins ideas were opposed by western philosophyThe most popular hypothesis for the origin of species was creationismCreationismMay be strictly Biblical or may involve continual creationFossils and a record of changeThe evidence of some of the organisms which have existed on earth is preserved as fossilsFossils
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