BIOL 1202 Chapter 24

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1201
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1Bio 1202CHAPTER 24THE ORIGIN OF SPECIESWhat is a speciesSpecies Many species were originally distinguished by morphologyTwo organisms that look alike must be the same speciesHowever biological species are based on the ability to reproduceIndividuals may look alike but not reproduce and therefore are not the same species orIndividuals may look different but can reproduce and therefore are the same species See fig 242The species category can be conceptualized in many waysBiological Species ConceptMorphological Species ConceptEcological Species ConceptPhylogenetic Species ConceptBiological Species The organisms can produce viable fertile offspring but they cannot produce viable fertile offspring with other groups of organismsWhat about organisms which reproduce asexually or where the reproduction hasnt been observedMorphological Species Many species were originally distinguished by morphologyIf two organisms look alike they must be the same speciesAs the DNA for more organisms is studied the placement of organisms within the taxonomic tree becomes based more on the DNA
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