Chapter 43 Learning Objectives (got 93% on the test)

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1202

Chapter Learning ObjectivesChapter 43Distinguish betweenoInnate immunity all animalsA defense that is active immediately upon infection and is the same whether or not the pathogen has been encountered previously Provide barriers to infection such as skin or shell secretions natural killer cellsRapid responseoadaptive immunity vertebrates onlya defense found only in vertebratesproduce vast arsenal receptors each of which recognizes a particular part of a pathogen very specificantibodies defend against infectionsactivated after innate immune response and develops more slowlyoHumoral immunity The protective function of immunization could be found in the humor cellfree bodily fluid or serum and cellular immunity for which the protective function of immunization was associated with cellso Cellmediated immunityimmune response that does not involve antibodies or complement but rather involves the activation of macrophages natural killer cells NK antigenspecific cytotoxic Tlymphocytes and the release of various cytokines in response to an antigenConcept 431 In innate immunity recognition and response rely on shared traits of pathogensExplain how the physical barrier of skin is reinforced by chemical defensesoEpithelial tissue of skin act as barrier blocking the entry of many pathogensDefine phagocytosisName four types of phagocytic leukocytesoPhagocytosisHemocytes immune cells carry out defense the cellular ingestion and digestion of bacteria and other foreign substances oFour types of phagocytic leukocytesToll like receptor TLRBinds to fragments of molecules characteristic of a set of pathogens and TLR proteins trigger internal innate immune defenses Engulfs them trapping them in a vacuole and destroyed by lysosomesNeutrophils
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