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Exam 4 Notes (got 94% in the course)

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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 1202

Test 4Chapter 33 InvertebratesMost Recent Hypothesis About Animal PhylogenyFigure 3211oBegan with Metazoa Porifera spongesMulticellularHad no true tissuesoNext branch point EumetazoaIncrease in complexity multicellular with cells organized into tissues and organsDiploblastic 2 tissue layersoBilateriaBilaterally symmetricalTriploblastic 3 tissue layersDeuterostomia lophotrochozoa and ecdysozoa1Concept 331 Sponges are basal animals that lack true tissuesPhylum Porifera sponges Phyla Calcarea and Silicea oPhyla name from material their spicules are made upomulticellularoLive in both fresh and mostly marine watersoLack true tissues and organs organized at cellular leveloHave cells that perform different functions but loosely connectedoAsymmetrical bodySponges are suspension feeders2oFilter water passing through their bodies filtering out any suspended food particlesFigure 334oSpongocoel central cavityoPores doughnutshaped cells that span the body wall called porocytesoChoanocytes line the spongocoel movement of flagella sets up water flowcurrent that draws water in through the pores and out through the osculumoChoanocytes trap food and ingest it by phagocytosis pass it along to amoebocytesoAmoebocytes transport nutrients to other cells secretes spicules become any type of sponge cell as neededoTwo layers of cells that are separated by mesohylChoanocytes flagellated Amoebocytes pseudopodia3
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