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2051 Lab Midterm Terms (98% on the test)

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 2051
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1Binomial nameunique name to a species2Genuscapitalized and italicized Ex Escherichia first part of the binomial name3Speciessecond part of the binomial name not capitalized and never abbreviated Ex coil4Strainsan organism that has not yet been officially named A single species can contain aof strains5Phylogenetic treesimilar to family trees and shows how one organism is related to another one6Mediumwhere microorganisms are grown in the laboratory The culture medium contains nutrients such as nitrogen and carbon required for cells to grow7Complex mediumcomposed of digests of chemically undefined substances such as yeasts and meat extracts8Defined mediumone of which a precise chemical composition is known9Brothliquid form of a culture medium10Solid mediumculture medium that contains a solidifying agent usually agar11Platessolid media in Petri dishes12Deepstest tubes containing solid medium which has been allowed to solidify in an upright position and are usually used for anaerobic growth13Slantstest tubes containing solid medium that has been allowed to solidify at an angle and the surface of the agar is used for the maintenance of stock cultures of microorganisms14Sterilizationthe killing or removal of all living organisms and their viruses from a growth medium15Autoclavea sealed device that allows the entrance of steam under pressure16Dry heat sterilizationkills by oxidation effects17Flamingone of the simplest methods of dry heat sterilization18Hotair sterilizationsterilized by placing in an oven and heated to 170C for 2 hours 9used for glassware19Filtrationsterilizes heatsensitive liquids or gases20Chemosterilizershow heat sensitive objects such as plastic Petri dishes are sterilized21Ethylene oxidea widely used gas in gaseous chemosterilizersaMade use of the plastic Petri disk and plastic syringe possible22Coldsterilizationno heat is used in the process23Electromagnetic radiationcan also be used to sterilized many substances such as microwaves ultraviolet radiation Xrays gamma rays and electrons24UV radiationcauses damage the to thymine dimers leading to the death of exposed organisms25Ionizing radiationcauses ions and other reactive molecules to be produced and these reactive molecules can degrade or alter biopolymers such as DNA and proteins26Pathogenicdisease causing for humans27Nosocomialhospital acquired28Infectious dosetheof microorganisms or viruses sufficient to establish an infection29Resident microfloraestablished themselves in or on the body but do not produce disease under normal conditions30Transient microfloramay be present on the body temporary but do not become firmly entrenched31AcidicpH ranging from 46 pH of skin32Nosocomialhospital acquired infections33Colonythese are formed when microorganisms are grown on a solid culture mediumaA population of cells that arise from a single cell growing on a solid medium
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