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Microbiology Lab Midterm Review (got 93% on the test)

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 2051
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Microbiology Lab Midterm ReviewWednesday October 08 20081041 PMExperiment 1 Media Preparation and Sterilization1Solid medium contains agarfrom red algaeMelts100C Solidifies4042C2TypesPlateisolationSlantmaintenanceBrothliquidDeepanaerobic growth 3Complex mediumcomposed of digests of chemically undefined substances such as yeast and meat extracts4Defined mediummedium whose precise chemical composition is known Sterilization killing or removal of all living organisms5Autoclave 121C for media glass6Dry heat flaming hot air for loops glass7Filtration for heatsensitive liquids antibiotics8Radiation UV gamma rays for surfaces9Cold sterilization ethylene oxide for heatsensitive materials 10Experiment 2 Culturing Microorganisms from the environment 1Minority of microorganisms are pathogenic disease causing agent2Nosocomial means hospitalacquired Purpose This experiment will demonstrate the ubiquitous nature of microorganisms Materials needed31 Trypticase Soy TS broth42 TS agar plates52 sterile swabs Experiment 3 Hand Washing6Resident normal microbiotafloraoccur naturally on or in body 7Transient floratemporary on body cant grow on skin because skin is too dry and acidic8Nosocomial infection hospitalacquired infection9Infectious dose number of microorganisms required to establish an infection Purpose This experiment will evaluate effectiveness of different soapshand washing times Experiment 4 Colony Morphology 10colonya group of genetically identical bacteria arising from a single cell on an agar plate11colony morphologycolony characteristics seenext slide12contaminantan unwanted organism which has been accidentally introduced into the culture13Purpose To observe the colony morphology of several organisms and become familiar with the terms used to describe colony morphology14OrganismColorColony Margin ElevationOptical Surface shapepropertiescharactshapeeristicEscherichia BeigeRoundSmoothFlattranslucentShinycoliconvexBacillus cereusWhiteRhizoidLobate FlatopaqueDullfilamentMicrococcus YellowRoundSmoothConvexopaqueShinyluteusSaccharomyceWhiteRoundSmoothConvex opaqueShinys cerevisiaeumbonateStreptomyces Purple IrregularSmooth FlatopaqueDullcoelicolorwhiteroundlobateSerratia redroundsmoothconvexopaqueshinymarcescens Experiment 5 Asceptic TechniqueSee p 2021 for proper technique Experiment 6 Pure Culture 15Pure cultureone that contains only one kind of microorganism an isolated colony is one example of this16Streak platetechnique for diluting bacteria on agar plates can be used to isolate individual bacteria from a mixturePurpose To isolate a pure culture in the form of an isolated colony from a mixed culture using the dilution technique known as streak plating17Important to use proper aseptic technique in lab to avoid contaminants Common streak plate mistakes18Taking lid off completely or placing on bench top
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