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Micro FINAL Study Guide

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 2051
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Biol 2051 Final Study Guide GeneralThe Final exam is worth 100 pointsFormat3 sections1Section AYou will perform a test that is used to distinguish between different bacteriaYou have done this test at least once since midterm 2Section BThere will be a set of materials on the bench top in front of you that you will have to answer questions aboutThis is similar in format to the midterm3Section CShort answer questionsNo microscope observationsCovers experiments 2033Look over all charts and tables in results and at the end of the experimentsReview how you went about determining your unknownsNames of organisms to know what is unique about each tests to distinguish each etcStaphylococcus aureusExperiment 20 catalase production aerobiccatalase positiveExperiment 31 isolationID staphnormal florayellow on MSAcoagulase gram positiveferments mannitolpathogenic produces enterotoxin thick plasma appearancecauses toxic shockcauses plasma to clotStaphylococcus epidermidisExperiment 20 catalase productionaerobic catalase positiveExperiment 31 isolationID staphnormal floradoes not ferment mannitolfew virulence factorsrunny plasma appearancewhite on MSA coagulase Experiment 33symbiosisfacultative anaeroberemoves oxygen so C sporogenes can surviveMicrococcusExperiment 20 catalase productionaerobiccatalase positiveLactobacillusExperiment 20 catalase productioncatalase negativeExperiment 28 yogurtproduce lactic acidgrow when pH drops below 6gram positive aerotolerant anaerobesLactococcus lactisExperiment 23 fermentation of carbsdid not ferment milk pH 6Saccharomyces cerevisiaeExperiment 23 fermentation of carbsproduce acid and gas in both malt extract and grape juiceBacillus cereusExperiment 23 fermentation of carbsgrowth and acid production in glucose and sucroseStreptococcus mutansExperiment 20 catalase productionfermentativecatalase negativeExperiment 27 isolantionID streptproduce alpha hemolysingreen coloniesaka viridiansdevelop methemoglobin
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