Chapter 7 Objectives

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 3040
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Chapter Learning ObjectivesChapter 7 The Genetics of Populations71 IndividualLevel versus PopulationLevel ThinkingDescribe how populationlevel thinking is an extrapolation of individuallevel thinking and how it can lead to unexpected outcomesPopulation level of thinking takes into account overall frequencies of alleles and phenotypes The shift from individual level of thinking prevalent in the study of genetics to population level thinking associate with ecology and evolution is critical in understanding the process of evolutionary changeExample a genotype that is dominant in individuals might not be dominant in a population of individuals because the frequency of the population that contains that trait72 The HardyWeinberg Model A Null Model for Population GeneticsDescribe how the HardyWeinberg model serves as a nullmodel in population geneticsoHardy Weinberg serves as a null model because it tells what happens to genotype frequencies when natural selection and other important drivers of evolutionary change are not operatingList the assumptions that go along with the HardyWeinberg modeloNatural selection is not operating on the trait or traits affected by the locus in question Individuals have no preference for others with similar or dissimilar genotypes random mating No mutation is occurring no migration into or out of the population the population is effectively infinite in size such that genetic drift does not affect the allele frequencyGiven a genotype or allele frequency calculate the frequencies of the other genotypes and all
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