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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 3060

May 3 2011PLHL Lecture 25 NotesIsopentenyl disphosphate IPP carotenoids mutantVp14 Corn mutant aba2 Arabidopsis mutantABA Aldehyde C15 flacca sitiens tomato mutants droopy potato mutant aba3 Arabidopsis mutantPicturevp14 corn mutantDoesnt have aba to inhibit germination before kernels mature they began to germinateFlaccacharacterize by tomato plants that wilt readily even in a greenhouse dont produce aba and dont close stomates cant maintain positive turgorTerpene synthesis in plastidcarotenoids in cytosolone step to make abaABA Developmental and Physiological Effects1Roles in seed development and dormancyPicdiff seeds from same family Legume seedsfertilization leads to development of zygote into embryoSeed coat based only on maternal plantSeed DevelopmentEmbryogenesis Accumulation of storage compounds usually carbs or lipidsenergy available to seed when it germinates development of desiccation tolerance ABApromotes Accumulation of seed storage protein desiccation tolerance in the embryoSeed Dormancy Coat Imposed Embryo primary vs secondaryCoat imposed generated from motherEmbryogenerated from zygotes genotypeEx cocklebur contains 2 seeds 1 germinates immediately Ensures survivalRelease from embryo dormancyThree conditionsAfterripening reduced moisture content Chilling 010 C for imbibed seeds Light exposure or photoperiod requirementEmbryo dormancy response to environmental factors depends on ABA and GA2 Inhibits GAinduced enzyme productionFig 2021 GA synthesized in embryo diffuses into storage tissue and into aleurone cells Aleurone cells stimulate hydrolytic enzymesTranscriptional repression of GAregulated genes3 Promotes root growth inhibits shoot growthParticularly effective under water stressFig 2311 C with ABA inhibited roots grow better than shootsWild type ABA linearABAdeficient mutant constant
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