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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 1201

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BILOGY EXAM 1 REVIEW:: September 13, 2011
HCNO- if they are right next to each other, they are nonpolar. If separated by one, polar. If next to each
other, electronegativity is similar, they attract electrons the same amount. So there will be no polarity.
Don’t worry about aggregated and unaggregated
Dipole moment: water molecule; polar covalent bond. Oxygen atom is partially negative while hydrogen
atoms are partially positive. Temporary separation of charges is dipole moment (transient dipole)
Ionic bond: gives up electrons.
Covalent- polar and nonpolar
Van der Waals reaction: electrons are not spread out evenly. The electrons of another atoms are
attracted to the exposed nucleus of another atom
Molecular Specificity probably not on test.
Themes that connect biology
Atomic mass, atomic number
Water is versatile as a solvent because anything that is polar or ionic will be dissolved because water is a
polar molecule.
Dont have to memorize the amount of energy needed to change temp of water n
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